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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anti-Darwin Bill Fails in Utah - Yes, Utah

We're winning.

That's the only reasonable conclusion after reading this. If Utah can't even pass anti-evolution legislation, can any state? The fight will never be over, but the forces for good are way ahead right now.

Thanks to Julie for the tip.


At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, in my opinion... you have NO right to say that. Evolutionism or Darwinism is not the good side, and who ever said if one state could not do that, that all of them can't. I mean, come on! Let me ask you one question...
~What is your hope in life?
-Okay, so you wan't to prove something, lets say you did. What now? Okay, lets say you write a book. Now what are you going to do? When you die, you will be in heaven, in front of God, and He is going to say that you are going to hell. What then? We creationists have a hope. That we will go to heaven and see this great God that created us. You, however, have no hope. When you die, you would of have to hope for that time. Just think about it.
Here, there is no possible way to prove the Bible wrong, it is perfect. Jesus' trial, death, and resurrection is already proved. He was perfect too! So, its your choice, but really, just think about it. Christianity takes faith.


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