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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ohio Board Undoes Stand on Evolution

Here's the first paragraph of the New York Times story.

The Ohio Board of Education voted 11 to 4 Tuesday to toss out a mandate that 10th-grade biology classes include critical analysis of evolution and an accompanying model lesson plan, dealing the intelligent design movement its second serious defeat in two months.

This is good news, but there's something bothersome to me about the phrasing. There's certainly nothing wrong with a "critical analysis of evolution." In fact, I think if it's done right, a critical analysis of evolution would give the students a wonderful understanding of what evolution is. The problem, of course, is that when they say "critical analysis," what they mean is, "teach the kids bogus doubts about evolution, confuse them about what a scientific theory is, and pass of pseudo-religious instruction as science."


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