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Sunday, February 19, 2006

David Baltimore on the Bush Administration

David Baltimore is a great American. The president of Cal Tech, Baltimore is a brilliant scientist, a tremendous writer, and an outstanding administrator. I have exchanged e-mails with him and am consistently impressed by what he has to say.

What he has to say about the Bush administration is no surprise. The New York Times reports,

David Baltimore, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist and president of the California Institute of Technology, is used to the Bush administration misrepresenting scientific findings to support its policy aims, he told an audience of fellow researchers Saturday. Each time it happens, he said, "I shrug and say, 'What do you expect?' "

But then, Dr. Baltimore went on, he began to read about the administration's embrace of the theory of the unitary executive, the idea that the executive branch has the power or even the obligation to act without restraint from Congress. And he began to see in a new light widely reported episodes of government scientists being restricted in what they could say in public.

"It's no accident that we are seeing such an extensive suppression of scientific freedom," he said. "It's part of the theory of government now, and it's a theory we need to vociferously oppose." Far from twisting science to suit its own goals, he said, the government should be "the guardian of intellectual freedom."


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