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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Scientific Ignorance

I caught a documentary on TV last night called Born with Two Heads. A couple of observations:
1. The baby in question was born in Egypt. All the nurses were Muslims wearing veils, and many of them refused to treat the baby because they thought looking at a baby with a birth defect would cause them to one day have babies with birth defects. These are nurses, and that's how ignorant they are. We talk a lot around here about the way that religion has a negative influence on the understanding of science. I imagine it's worse in Muslim countries than it is in Christian countries.
2. I really dislike the way this is referred to as a baby born with two heads. It's not. It's two babies, conjoined twins, one of whom was born without a body. They decided to kill one of them to save the other, which is fine with me, but it bothers me that neither this documentary nor any of the media accounts I've read could be honest about that.


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At 6:28 AM, Blogger tiffs.labyrinth said...

I saw this documentary also.
1. good point
2.I thought the same thing. Also it kept referring to the baby as a parasite (which is true by definition though rather cold).

This raises questions about what defines a human. It had a fully developed brain and acted separatly from the whole baby. Comments were made that it (she) had a different personality than the whole baby. (I can't remember her name)
And they also mentioned that the killed baby was given a name and buried.


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