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Monday, September 26, 2005

With the lawsuit starting over the Dover, Pennsylvania school board's decision to teach "alternatives" to evolution, here's a profile of some of the town's residents. Money quote:

For Mrs. Hied, a meter reader, and her husband, Michael, an office manager for a local bus and transport company, the Dover school board's argument - that teaching intelligent design is a free-speech issue - has a strong appeal.

"I think we as Americans, regardless of our beliefs, should be able to freely access information, because people fought and died for our freedoms," Mrs. Hied said over a family dinner last week at their home, where the front door is decorated with a small bell and a plaque proclaiming, "Let Freedom Ring."

If that's the best argument they can come up with, I feel a lot better about the prospects for the lawsuit than I did before I read this article. Anyone who gives it even a moment's thought realizes that this is in no way a free speech issue. No one is suggesting that people who doubt evolution should be barred by law from explaining themselves. The simple and obvious point that no one wants to guarantee the right of a history teacher to tell students that the Holocaust never happened will demonstrate how bogus that argument is.

Thanks to ejswanso for the tip.


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