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Monday, August 01, 2005

Schools stay out of Evolution Fray

As I've mentioned many times, if you want your children to learn about evolution, you'd be better off sending them to a Catholic school than to a public school. That could be changing. I interpret thisarticle as bad news.

Saying that schools are staying out of the fray when it comes to evolution probably comes across to most people as a good thing. Actually, it's terrible. Do schools stay out of the fray when students ask whether there really was an ancient Rome, or whether a bunch of archaeologists just faked all the evidence? Some Catholic educators are using the code words that I hate to hear:

"Evolution should be taught as one of many theories," said Louis P. DeAngelo, who oversees curriculum for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. "But the one true principle above all is there's one creator."

Obviously, Catholic schools are going to teach that there's one creator. Fine. But don't confuse your students by teaching "many theories" if one of them is a predictive, testable, and repeatable theory like evolution and another is a pseudoscience like intelligent design.


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