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Friday, July 01, 2005

False Science

A good but depressing Boston Globe editorials examines why the Smithsonian would allow intelligent design to taint its scientific work.

Intelligent design got another museum boost Thursday night when the Discovery Institute hosted an invitation-only showing of ''The Privileged Planet" at the museum. This film contends that the life-sustaining position of Earth in its galaxy suggests the hand of an intelligent designer. The museum was supposed to be a cosponsor of the event in exchange for a payment of $16,000, but it refunded the money and took its name off the program when a furor erupted among scientists.

The push to make intelligent design respectable is part of a campaign to have it taught in public schools alongside evolution. The Discovery Institute is trying to increase the respectability of the theory by attaching it to legitimate scientific enterprises, such as the proceedings of the Biological Society and the Smithsonian.

The Museum of Natural History gets 70 percent of its funding from the federal government, which may explain why it allowed ''The Privileged Planet" to be shown amid the furor over the Sternberg case. Having gotten wind of the Sternberg case, US Representative Mark Souder, Republican of Indiana, is considering holding hearings on the back-and-forth over the film. He has demanded all relevant documents from the museum. As chairman of a subcommittee of the House panel that oversees the Smithsonian, he's within his rights to examine activities of the museum, but he should not use the controversies over von Sternberg and the movie as pretexts to lend the authority of Congress to intelligent design. Congress needs to focus on expanding scientific knowledge in the United States, not on worrying about dead-end, unscientific theories.

Remember, the Republicans running the country today are not small-government Republicans. They're big-government Republicans. They'd love nothing more than to use taxpayer money to perpetuate their anti-science religious beliefs.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger dhodge said...

I don't see this as a big gov't vs. small gov't debate, or even a religious vs. secular debate. The crux of the arguments used by opponents of evolution is that the majority should be allowed to decide. If the majority of Americans don't believe in science, then it can be replaced with something more to their liking. In general, I find these majority rule arguments specious. We already have a system to ensure majority (or at least, plurality) rule. If our elected officials aren't representing the true will of the people, one would assume that they would be voted out of office. That being said, the strongest argument against teaching creation or ID in science class is that it's not actually science.

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scientism is actually what evolution is. To suggest that people don't like science because they refuse the interpretations of KNOWN ATHEIST is absurd. Science is an overused word that is NOT understood by you folks. You folks need to get an education on SCIENTIFIC evidence, verses philosophocal nonsense that renders the mind to submission to the almighty scientist without scrutiny. The evolutionist greatest fear is the invalidation of his/hers ''education'' which in fact is indoctrination of humanist. Don't like my post? Tough!

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evolution is bunk by dogmatic scientist that perpetuate humanist beliefs under the guise of science, when in fact it's scientism. To suggest that one hates science because one rejects evolution is stupidity, to say the least. Educate yourself before you mutter another word about science and evolution. Give yourselves a break from ignorance. You've been duped by atheist and humanist that offers nothing but mental exercise that parrots the Sagans and Goulds of this world without thinking for YOURSELVES! You have eyes. ears and hopefully a developed brain. Use them. The receding moon alone should give you a clue! The transitory records should teach you something. Don't be so gullible and die a fool!


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