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Thursday, June 23, 2005

House Debate Over Evolution at Pa. Schools

I mentioned Michael Behe before, so I thought I'd note thisarticle in which he's cited as the Intelligent Design expert who testifies in the Pennsylvania House on whether to teach ID in schools.

One lawmaker asked a good question:

"I've always viewed evolution as sort of the ultimate design. It would change and adapt and accommodate to whatever the situation was," said Rep. P. Michael Sturla. "When did the intelligent design occur, in your theory?"

Behe had no answer.

"Questions like, 'When did the designing take place?' ... are all good questions. We'd love to have answers for them, but they are separate questions from the question, 'Was this designed in the first place?'" Behe said.

And I liked this as well:

"How many new biotechnology companies will want to locate here in Pennsylvania if our students are being taught a watered-down version of the complexities of evolution?" asked Larry Frankel, legislative director for the state's ACLU chapter.


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