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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kansas Board Members Won't Even Read Evolution Proposal

The members of the Kansas Board of Education who are deciding whether or not to teach science in their science classes can't even be bothered to read the proposal from the people who want evolution included in the curriculum. Have a look at this:

[W]itnesses had not fully read the evolution-friendly proposal, which would continue the state's policy describing the theory as a key concept for students to learn.

Board member Kathy Martin, of Clay Center, elicited groans of disbelief from a few audience members when she acknowledged she had only scanned the proposal, which is more than 100 pages. Later, board member Connie Morris, of St. Francis, also said she had only scanned it.

Martin said during a break: "I'm not a word-for-word reader in this kind of technical information."

The opponents of evolution have ceased even pretending that they understand the issue they're judging.


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