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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Evolution of Creationism

William Saletan of Slate says that as anti-Darwinists move away from Biblical literalism and toward "intelligent design," they're becoming more like us. Saletan points out that John Calvert, founder of the Intelligent Design Network, acknowledges that the universe is billions of years old and accepts the statement from the draft standards in Kansas that say, "The fossil record provides evidence of simple, bacteria-like life as far back as 3.8+ billion years ago." But Calvert says that life did not evolve, it was designed.

Saletan writes that liberals and scientists "go around sneering, as censors of science often have, that the new theory is too radical, offensive, or embarrassing to be taken seriously. It's too bad they think good science consists of believing the right things." I'm not so sure. I think those of us in the evolution camp think science should be about asking hard questions -- it's just that we don't believe intelligent design asks hard questions of evolution. Intelligent designers think the questions have already been answered, and we evolutionists just need to have faith that their answers are correct.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger dhodge said...

Why don't we just teach evolution, creationism, and ID in science class? Of course, don't call them three different theories, call them by their real names: evolution is a scientific theory, creationism is a belief, and ID is an untestable hypothesis. I think this would give students a much clearer picture of what the whole debate is all about. They are ultimately going to form their own opinions on the origins of life on earth anyway, so why not give them a scientific basis for forming their opinion instead of trying to shield them from other explanations, even if they are unscientific? In my opinion, this would be more useful than an extra week or two of memorizing big science words that they will forget before graduation anyway.


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