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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Gutless University Presidents

According to Newsday, a group of university presidents gathered to talk about science education in the United States, but squirmed when asked about the most obvious issue, evolution.
[N]early everyone agreed that science in the United States is losing ground to foreign competitors. Many in attendance at the Science Coalition's yearly media roundtable, held at The Penn Club in Manhattan on Monday, cited fast-charging China and India as important new players, and bemoaned a lack of funding for basic research at home. And several attendees blasted the nation's K-12 science education as woefully inadequate.

"It stinks," Barrett said. He and several university presidents, however, dismissed suggestions that efforts to push evolution out of high school classrooms or to label it unproven may be linked to science's declining fortunes. And a question asking whether the presidents would affirm their support of the scientific theory produced evident discomfort.

Unbelievable. University presidents, who should be at the forefront of promoting the teaching of basic science, shrink from their duty when asked about evolution. Then they wonder why science education in our country is going downhill. Shameful.


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