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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Keep Creationism Out of Science Class

An interesting piece written by a high school student who lives in a county where the school board says evolution and creation each deserve a place in science class. The writer is homeschooled and therefore unaffected by the school policy, but it's still worth a read.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Jeff Wegerson said...

Hi. I'll be off topic here if you don't mind.

I'm following up on your comments over at DJWinfo.

"Right, let's not bother fighting malaria because those Africans will just die of war or famine or dysentery anyway. Nice attitude. I'm sure the families of the million Africans who will die of malaria this year (comparable to a 9/11 every day) will be glad to know you don't care about saving them because they'll just die of something else."

I started to reply with a snarky comment, but then I thought better of it and checked out your blog. So here I am.

My concern about DDT and lindane and indeed many many more such chemicals is that often the cure is worse than the disease. Sure, the other methods of fighting the specific problems of malaria and lice may or may not work as well, but when you subtract out the new problems created by their use it is probable that the net is negative.

I'm no expert on these chemicals and their effects. But that's my belief and it would take a lot of quality writing on your part to change my current beliefs. I expect the same may be true for you as well.

Good Luch with your blog.


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