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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Are Liberals the Greater Threat to Evolution?

Interesting. There's no doubt that the most strident opponents of teaching evolution in America are conservatives. And most of us who strongly support the teaching of evolutoin are liberals. But as Joe Kaplinsky writes, perhaps it's the liberal idea that every viewpoint deserves an equal airing that really causes problems.
But even on a seemingly clear-cut issue such as creationism, the division is not so sharp. Liberals have often been at the forefront of questioning the authority of science. It is liberals who have argued that science education should respect cultural differences and that the curriculum should be immediately relevant to everyday life of students. Creationists have leapt at the opportunity presented by educational theories to put the knowledge of pupils on the same level as that as scientists, by putting forward the demand to 'teach the controversy'.

One thing that intelligent design proponents love to do is put forward equations that attempt to show mathematically how the odds are impossibly high against humans evolving from single-celled organisms. Kaplinksky points out that William Dembski's mathematical symbols "are arranged on the page to bamboozle non-scientists, not to express a chain of logical reasoning."


At 7:30 PM, Blogger dhodge said...

Some have argued that in the world of religion, the more tolerant followers of major religions have been too tolerant of their violently intolerant co-religionists. This tolerance, as the argument goes, has actually emboldened the violent fundamentalists.


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