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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Times Op-Ed on Intelligent Design

The New York Times published an op-ed on Feb. 7 titled "Design for Living." I don't feel like linking to it, but I do have some observations.

First, the Times shouldn't have printed it. A newspaper should promote a wide divergence of views, but if people believe in "Intelligent Design," the place to write about it is the news pages. Op-eds should be saved for people who have something worthwhile to say.

The writer, Michael J. Behe, reveals the
weakness of the "Intelligent Design" theory he promotes by citing
public opinion polls that show most people believe life was designed.

No credible scientist would rely on public opinion to justify his
ideas. Throughout human history scientists have been ahead of the
general public in understanding how our world works. Relying on public
support for a theory has been the tactic of wrongheaded people who
were sure that the world was flat, that the sun revolved around the
earth, and that schoolchildren with AIDS would spread it to their

Instead of clinging to the opinion of the ignorant public, we should
embrace the overwhelming evidence for Darwin's theory of evolution and
promote teaching it in our schools.


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